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Celebrities Nailing the Colorful Socks Trend

Posted on December 29 2018

Celebrities Nailing the Colorful Socks Trend 

We often look up to celebrities for fashion validation. What they chose to wear, how they carry themselves and how they pair their outfits become guidelines for all of us to follow. However, keeping an eye out for celebrity fashion isn’t easy. You have to follow them online, keep a track of the paparazzi and what not. To make things easier, we keep a track of the celebrity trends for you. Recently, the colorful sock trend has infiltrated the celebrity world and making a statement everywhere. Here we have some celebrities who nailed this trend in everyday life as well as at reputed events! Have a look!

Cara Delavigne

Cara Delavigne has always been a supporter of crazy trends. It comes as no surprise that she was found rocking the colorful socks trend at the airport. She paired the look with a casual jumper, some plain jeans, and sneakers. We love how the socks drove our attention. They are similar to these stunning pinapple ones found on Sox bond. You can also wear the look easily by shopping online. The outfit does not require much effort and is a great way to showcase your love for color!

Chris Pine

Chris Pine is a heartthrob of many men and women. His dress sense s spectacular so you can trust his fashion choices blindly. He stepped out in casual shorts and vest with happy polka dot socks as the highlight. We couldn’t help but notice that he paired his happy socks in a very stylish manner. The base of the socks went perfectly with the main color of the outfit and the colorful dots gave him the element of style. Considering the look, it isn’t difficult to adjust happy socks into your everyday life. Try out the look with these similar Fabian socks and up your style game instantly.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We all love a cheerful actor and Joseph really showcased the full potential of the colorful socks. He wore colorful socks with formal attire and we have to say they go perfectly with it. Yes, he chose to stick with some base colors but you can definitely spot the wild pattern on the socks. In fact, they look pretty similar to these Bruno socks from Sox bond. This just goes to say that celebrities have worn these happy socks in a variety of settings. If you make sure the socks go with your look, you can carry them conveniently in any place. In Joseph’s outfit, he limited color in all his outfit choices and only added in the bright hues with the socks. This balanced the whole look giving him an attractive outcome.

Snoop Dog

Some celebrities are known for their diverse taste in fashion. Snoop dog wore some pretty crazy patterned happy socks for a photo in which he is painting. He chose to pair them with white trousers and nothing on top. It seems as if the celebrities are following the neutral rule. They tend to pair the vibrant color of the socks with neutral colors on tops. This diverts all the attention to the socks making them the strong point of the outfit. We think these Zach socks look pretty similar to the ones that snoop dog is wearing. Try them for a great outfit combo and nail this revolutionizing style!

Fredrik Eklund

This real estate broker and adult film star has a net worth of $30 million. You can rest assured that he will choose nothing but the best outfits for himself. Turns out, he is a big supporter of happy socks too! We found him wearing colorful socks on multiple occasions. In this one photo, he is supporting colorful stripes that look amazing with his rich blue suit. This is the perfect demonstration of how to pair colorful socks with suits. Go for simple patterns and chose cool tones. These Tristan socks will go well with suits as well. The best part is that these happy socks don’t compromise the look of the suit. Instead, it makes it look much more trendy, giving you a fashionable vibe!

Paris Hilton

We also spotted Paris Hilton shopping for some crazy socks. She has some vibrant patterns in her hands but we can’t help but notice the polka dots one. It looks really trendy and will certainly go with many outfits. Paris has been spotted supporting the happy socks trend on and off. In fact, she was one of the few celebrities daring enough to wear these socks in public at the very start. Her charisma has worked to make the happy socks trend a norm. Polka dot socks are clearly her favorite. You can also find a variety of polka dot socks on Sox bond much as these Solomon ones that look almost identical to the ones that Paris is holding!


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